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Why do I coach –

I want to inspire, motivate and challenge swimmers to not only do their best, but to go beyond what they think is possible and to set new standards of personal excellence for a more fulfilling life.

-Steve Howell

Hello and welcome!

Welcome to SwimBetterHQ, we have been up and running for a over 18 months now and we are getting a great a response! Our site is all about helping people in the with there swimming. I myself have been a swim coach for more than four years and more than 20 years of experience in swimming, I’ve competed in both national and international events and have held two Australian national records. I have always had a passion to help people improve not only in swimming, but also in life.

SwimBetterHQ – an Abode for the Swimming Enthusiast and Professional Swimmer

SwimBetterHQ was established to serve as a medium for myself and for other people from all walks of life to communicate with each other and exchange ideas on how to improve their swimming techniques, speed and overall fitness. I believe that each of us vary in our methods of learning. Some may be good with simply observing and then practicing it by themselves while others may require one-on-one assistance with a coach to be able to fully grasp the basics. It is SwimBetterHQ’s goal is to help a swimming enthusiast, or even a professional swimmer, with their problems by creating a discussion, asking questions or seeking advice from others of the same interest we believe that you can never stop learning and asking questions. You can find some great training tips here as well as more information on breaststroke tips, freestyle swimming tips, backstroke swimming tips, and even helpful swimming beginner tips, or you can suggest some tips and training advice for others.

And if you are one of those individuals who is a struggling amateur or even if your an expert in swimming then, feel free to join the forum, create new posts or even comment on existing posts to share your thoughts and experiences. This site also provides independent product reviews on swimming gear like goggles and other equipment for individuals who are looking for great training tools and equipment, plus we have interviews with other swimming professionals either audio and sometimes video too. We have a newsletter that you can subscribe to also just buy clicking HERE, and its all FREE. Of course if you want to pay for this service you can just help us out by clicking on one the adds on any page.

With this, your presence is highly appreciated in our venture towards making SwimBetterHQ the best one-stop place for all of your swimming needs. Let us lend each other a helping hand so we can enjoy the fun, thrills, challenges, benefits and advantages of swimming. Cheers!