5 Tips to get your baby Swimming

All too often we hear stories about children and adult who are afraid of the water. Usually, these people never learned how to swim. While this is a perfectly good reason to fear the water,it is a sad situation for these people. Learning to swim should be something everyone does, because swimming is one of the true joys of life. When it comes to swimming, the best thing to do is to start teaching children while they are still babies. In many cases, the youngest age that children can start to learn swimming skills is at four months old.


Success for Young Swimmers

Yes, four months of age does seem young, but parents who start their children at this age are usually surprised by their children’s successes. Technically, babies were swimming before they were born, so they are rather comfortable in the water. When they start at young ages (before age one), they do not develop a fear of the water. In fact, they learn how to be safe and how easy it actually is to get their heads above water. Babies will not learn fancy strokes, but when they become toddlers, they can learn how to get to the edge of a pool for safety’s sake. As children get older, they begin to fear putting their faces in the water – but not if they are exposed to this at young ages.


Bathtub Time Turns Fun

Another good reason to get babies into the water at young ages is that it makes time in the bathtub incredibly fun for parents and children. As children age, they tend to fight bath time. Many do this because they do not like to have water on their faces. They do not like to have shampoo washed from their hair because water gets into their eyes. When babies and toddlers are taught how to swim, they enjoy the water in the tub so much more. They don’t mind having water on their faces or having shampoo washed from their hair. In fact, many children will ask to have water poured over their heads and they will actually stick their faces in the water – just because they can.


Showers Become Convenient

Along with joy in the bathtub, kids will also love to take showers. It is no secret that a shower is the fastest way to get ready and to get a child clean. But, when kids are afraid of the water, the shower is a no-go. Many parents will actually skip showers because they cannot leave their children alone to take one (which is understandable), but when kids love the water, parents can take a shower with their babies. Clean kids, clean parents, and fun – what more can you ask for?


Take Your Babies to the Beach

Travelling with children gets easier when they love to swim. These days, it is easy to find a hotel with a swimming pool and many parents love to take vacations to the beach. When a child hates the water, taking kids on vacation is a downer. Babies become toddlers who become older children and when they love the water, so many fun vacation opportunities arise. It is still important to always keep your eyes on your children when you are at the beach or at a pool, but it is so much easier to vacation with babies who love the water. You get to enjoy it with them, rather than figure out ways to keep them occupied while you soak in the vitamin D and healthy beach air.


Enjoy the Pool Together

The same goes for vacations and everyday living when there is a pool around. It is easy to tell which parents have spent time in the water with their children and those who haven’t. Parents of children who haven’t learned to swim always look nervous and so do their children. The children look like they want to get in the water, but they just do not know what to do. But, parents who have taught their children to love the water get right in the pool with their children and they enjoy the experience together.