Arena “Viper” Goggles



So the other day i received a new pair of goggles from my friends at Arena and I have to say there not half bad. I come from a racing back ground so goggle comfort really never bothered me as I would take them off after a 200 swim or less. However i did find the “Viper” goggles very comfortable and I wore them on and off for an hour and a half and I didn’t have any issues with rings around my eyes or discomfort. I have to say that if you are going a distance swim or a Triathlon the “Viper” goggle would be great as the are easy to get on and off in a hurry.

The make of the “Viper” goggles is fairly basic but it works, the nose bridge is made from the same silicone as the rest of the goggle. Over time however in not sure of the durability with chlorine (by time I mean 5 years), but as far as the eye pieces go which are also made from the same once piece silicone body as the nose bridge, they fit quiet well. When you take the goggles off they do seem to suck to your eye sockets, but not in an uncomfortably way. I did not really have the head strap on all that tight and the “Viper” suck to my eye sockets nicely.



The poly carbonate lenses are very clear, and as I had a blue pair this made the pool very clear. Plus with the wide field of vision which for open water swimming is very handy and I found that my peripheral vision was very good, and of course they have the anti-fog coating. The blue tint to the lens would be good for overcast days and training in a dark pool, but might make things a little too bright for a sunny day on the water, so you might need there cousin the Arena “Viper Mirror” goggles for a little more glare protection. The “Viper” goggles also have a very wide field of vision which for open water swimming is very handy and I found that my peripheral vision was very good.

Over all the goggles do everything that is promised from Arena, so as I said they are a good fit, great of distance open water swimming, easy for triathletes to get on and off and over all a good distance goggle.

If you would like more information about the Arena “Viper” or any of Arena’s other swimming products then click “HERE to go to their website.

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