Login Guide

Welcome to the help page. You can find instructions on how to login and see you very own private page where you can upload, down  load videos and discuss your swimming with a coach  one on one.

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Once you have registered you will then see different sections and conversations. You might notice things like “Private: Bathurst” or “Private: Blayney” if you swim or train in these areas then you have a private section where a page is set up with your login name.

Once you click on that page you will be asked fora another password. If you are from either of these areas then I will issue you a private password to access that page (please note this is separate from your login details).

OK so you have clicked on either the “Private: Bathurst” or “Private: Blayney”, found your name and clicked on it, then entered your password (which I have emailed you), you are then in a private section that only yourself and I can see that means privacy is assured. I hear I can post videos and give specific information ant tips on your swimming PLUS you can also load videos of your swimming for me to look and advise.