Backstroke Drills Single-Arm Backstroke Drill

Single-Arm Backstroke Drill

The Single-Arm Backstroke Drill helps you practice the needed arm stroke movements one arm at a time. It addresses the coordination issues that occur when moving both arms simultaneously. It will enable a swimmer to concentrate better.

  • Start off by going to the shallow area of the pool.
  • Lean on your back and push yourself off from the ground.
  • Do a flutter kick.
  • Keep both of your arms at your sides.
  • Position yourself horizontally on your back.
  • Your head should be aligned with the spine.
  • Keep your look upwards.
  • If you already feel balanced with the position, extend one of the arms forward and sustain the same arm position throughout the drill.
  • Start the recovery with your arm extended to your side and your palm facing inwards.
  • Your arm should exit the water thumb first then elevate in a circular movement making sure that it points straight up or at a 90-degree angle in the water.
  • Your arm should continue doing a half-circular movement forward with the palm rotating outwards.
  • The arm should enter the water from the front with your pinky finger coming in first.
  • The arm should not move and should be extended forward at all times.
  • Perform an under water arm sweep.
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