Backstroke Drills – Slide and Glide Backstroke Drill

Slide and Glide Backstroke Drill

The Slide and Glide Backstroke drill helps swimmers practice the simultaneous arm stroke movements for both arms. Whole-stroke backstroke movements are used in the drill with a short pause for each active arm phrase.

  • Get to the pool’s shallow area.
  • Lean on your back and do a flutter kick.
  • Get your body into a horizontal position.
  • Extend an arm in front and the other arm at the side.
  • Make sure that you are balanced while in the position.
  • The extended arm will perform the Under Water Arm Sweeps.
  • The idle arm at the side will perform the recovery cycle as in theSingle-Arm Backstroke Drill.
  • Pause after doing an exchanged respective positions.
  • After doing a few flutter kicks, do a half arm stroke cycle again until both arms are back to its initial position.
  • Practice simultaneous arm motions for several lengths.

If possible, always keep your head still and keep it from rolling side to side. Look straight up and not extended or tucked in. While the arms exchange roles, the rest of the body should roll side to side. Each roll should be angled approximately between 30 degrees and 45 degrees. Use the short pause between each half arm cycle to your advantage to practice the proper arm motions and regain balance.

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