Under Water Arm Sweeps Drill – Backstroke Swimming Drill

Under Water Arm Sweeps Drill

The Under Water Arm Sweeps Drill is helpful in practicing balance and enhance underwater movements for the arm stroke. Only one arm moves at a time and it only practices the underwater portion of the arm stroke. This drill is also an extension of the Hand-Lead Side Balance drill.

  • Go to the shallow area of the pool.
  • Lean your back on the water.
  • Do a flutter kick.
  • Position yourself horizontally on your back.
  • Roll to one of your sides.
  • Extend an arm overhead and the other to one side.
  • Face your palm backwards by angling your wrist.
  • Push yourself backwards against the water with the help of your palm.
  • Perform the propulsive under water arm sweep.
  • Keep your other arm at your side.
  • Both arms should be at your sides when you have completed the arm sweep.
  • Extend your arm overhead and perform the arm sweep with the arm.

Keep your focus on your balance and the underwater arm movements. Roll from one side to another with each arm sweep like how it is done in the Head-Lead Side Balance drill.When rolling from side to side, your weight shifts accordingly so you will need to adjust your balance. Make sure to keep your head still and your face should be parallel to the water surface.

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