Backstroke Kicking Drill

Learn and Improve Backstroke Kicking Drills

This is a good drill to start with to help you develop your backstroke kick correctly and its fairly simple drill. A lot of people try to kick like there riding a bike, or running, but this only makes a lot of splash and takes a lot effort but doesn’t actually get you anywhere. In the image below the swimmer is bending his knees too much and and expending a lot of energy with out much propulsion.

Incorrect Backstroke kick

Also you will notice the swimmer is kicking from his knees and making a lot of splash. When you hold the board over you knees and kick it will “bounce” a fair bit which is a good sign that you are not kicking from your hips.

So basically all you need to do is float on your back, then hold your kick board  over your knees with straight arms. When you float on your back and hold the kick board over your knees remember to keep your hips up and your head back. Try to hold the board by one end with your fingers on the topside and thumbs underneath. Then simply kick. You want to try and focus on not kicking from your knees. The trick is to relax, and just breath, which a lot people trying too hard with drill its easy to get puffed because they are try to go flat out straight away.

The swimmer below is now kicking from his hips, notice his knee how it is more flexed than bent as such.When hold the board in this position and kick from you hips the board will stay more flat on the water.

Better backstroke kick

So once again just relax, kick from you hips and let your legs just flex. Pointing your toes makes a huge difference too, and ideally that’s part of having a relaxed leg. You whole leg should should be flex but not stiff and relaxed ankles. A good way to think about it is it you have a long thin piece of wood, if you wave one end up and down slightly then the wood will flex and the other end will go up and down also but amplified.

If you have a question or comment please feel free to ad it. Knowledge shared it knowledge gained.

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