Breaststroke Drill Under the Ropes

Breaststroke Swimming Drills – Breaststroke Under the Ropes

The Breaststroke Under the Ropes drill is one of the crucial drills for breaststroke swimming. It is highly important to make sure that you extend out fully and keep your hips high when performing each stroke.

If the head is not down when performing each stroke, it can be very difficult to keep your legs and hips from dropping. Should this happen, the swimmer’s speed is slower because resistance against the water increases. The purpose of the drill is to teach you to get your head down when performing each stroke while pushing your hips up.

  • Position yourself in the middle of the lane.
  • Complete a full stroke across the lane.
  • While you push forward in breaststroke, you should make sure that you are under the lane rope.
  • When completing your kick, push your hips up that it touches the lane rope lightly.
  • Continue performing the steps across the pool and make sure to swim under a lane rope for each stroke.

Take note that if your head hits the lane rope, it means you are not getting your head low enough. Make sure that when you are in a streamline position, you extend out fully after each stroke. Try to swim normally. It is also quite common to try and over-glide.

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