Breaststroke Drills – 2 Kicks, 1 Pull Drill

Breaststroke Drills – 2 Kicks, 1 Pull Swimming Drill

The Two Kicks and One Pull Drill is one of the classic breaststroke drills that help swimmers focus more on their kick. It also helps improve swimmers streamline position under water. This drill involves movements from the normal breaststroke swimming cycle. But instead of one kick and one pull, you will be doing two kicks and one pull per cycle.

  • Execute the usual arm stroke phases for breaststroke.
  • Do the first kick during the forward arm recovery.
  • Glide for a while then do a second kick.
  • Glide again for a while then start a new cycle.

Make sure to keep your horizontal position as possible during the streamline phase and the head should be in line with the trunk. It helps to look down towards the bottom of the pool.

You may try doing 6 lengths in a row in a 25m or 20m pool or try doing 2 to 3 lengths in a row in an Olympic-sized pool. You may also try one kick and two pulls as an alternative.

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