Breaststroke Drills – Breaststroke Arms, Freestyle Kick

Breaststroke Arms, Freestyle Kick

The Breaststroke Arms, Freestyle Kick drill helps swimmers develop their groove and focus for the upper body. Doing the frog leg kick can be quite a challenge and the arm technique and body positioning can be compromised. This drill can help enhance those aspects for better swimming.

  • Do a freestyle kick and breaststroke arms cycle. You may use swimming fins as an aid.
  • Start each stroke slowly so you can maximize the catch phrase.
  • After performing the initial out-sweep, start to slow down and back as you shape your pull then change the angle of your hand to maintain the pressure on the water.
  • When your palms are facing each other, this is a hint that you are at your maximum arm speed.
  • Tuck the elbows in and drive your hands forward as you come into a streamline position.
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