Breaststroke Drills – Kick Back Swimming Drill

Kick Back Swimming Drill

The kick is an important aspect of the breaststroke drill to help you propel forward. If you are having difficulties mastering the movement, the Kick Back drill will help you handle it better.

  • Hug a float so you can sit up and watch your legs from out of the water.
  • Keep your arms to your side and concentrate on your leg movement.
  • Keep your hips high making sure that your knees are only brushing the surface of the water.
  • Once you are already used to the drill, put your hands to your sides and make sure that your hands and heels touch at the beginning of each propulsive phase.
  • If you are not very comfortable while doing the drill on your back, you may also hold on to the sides of the pool to practice the leg kick.

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