Breaststroke Drills – Pull Stop, Kick Stop

Pull Stop, Kick Stop Swimming Drill

The Pull Stop, Kick Stop drill is one of the breaststroke that helps in establishing the timing between the pull and kick.

  • Perform a single pull of breaststroke without kicking.
  • Dive your head down between the biceps shifting into a tight streamline position.
  • Freeze in this position for a few moments.
  • Skip the breathing process and execute a single breaststroke kick with the arms still in a streamline position.
  • Finish it off with your feet firmly and glide in a streamline position.
  • Repeat the cycle throughout the lap.
  • A distinct stop is important after performing a pull and kick. After practicing, you should be able to feel quite rhythmical. Narrow the gap between the stops until you are able to work it into a regular breaststroke. A slight separation between the pulls and the kicks make an accomplished breaststroke cycle.

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