Basic Butterfly Swimming Drill

Basic Butterfly Swimming Drill

The Basic Butterfly Drill is very easy to do. You perform butterfly stroke cycles in the first parts then switch to a different swim stroke to avoid fatigue. This will allow you to swim extended lengths of butterfly strokes and in the correct form.

  • Push off from the wall with your body in a prone streamlined position.
  • Perform a normal butterfly stroke but try to hold your breath.
  • Switch to a swimming stroke that is less exhausting or a stroke you are more
    comfortable with for the rest of the length. You may add breathing to this stroke cycle.
    Repeat the step for a few lengths.
  • Repeat the drill but this time, do two butterfly strokes before switching to another swimming
  • Again, repeat the step for a few lengths.
  • Repeat the same procedure but make it three butterfly stroke cycles.
  • Make it four butterfly stroke cycles, then five and so on.


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