Freestyle Drill – Catch-up Stroke Drill

Catch-up Stroke Drill

The purpose of the Catch-up Stroke drill is help improve their way of reaching far out enough for the recovery portion for freestyle swimming. It helps improve distance for each stroke which leads to fewer strokes over a given distance.

  • Push yourself off from the wall.
  • Extend both arms in front with either arm initiating a freestyle stroke.
  • Complete the stroke with the initial arm touching the other extended arm at the end of the stroke’s recovery portion.
  • Keep your arm extended until the recovery arm touches the extended arm.
  • Complete the drill with the opposite arm.

You may wear fins to aid you until you have started to feel comfortable with the technique. While it appears to be quite confusing on your first try, eventually, it will get easier. You may perform 10 x 25s Catch-up Stroke drill with 15 seconds rest between each 25 meters swim. You may adjust your rest accordingly.

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