Freestyle Drill – Closed Fist Drill

Freestyle Closed Fist Drill

The Closed Fist drill will help swimmers get used to the sensation of the arms under water to enhance their swim stroke and to help boost their overall freestyle arm stroke. This leads to better swim stroke and boosted overall distance for each stroke. It will also boost awareness of the importance of the arm, the underside of the arm in particular, when performing the freestyle stroke.
  • Position yourself like how you would when performing freestyle stroke swimming
  • Do the freestyle swimming stroke with your fist closed. Keep your fist closed at all times when doing the drill.
Your arms will perform a significant part in your pull-through underwater. You need to remember than the pull-through should be complete to guarantee that the drill works. You may perform 10 x 25 closed fist drill. You may incorporate 15 seconds rest in between for each 25 meters swim which you may also
adjust accordingly.

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