Freestyle Drill – Head-lead Prone Balance Drill

Freestyle Head-lead Prone Balance Drill

The Head-lead Prone Balance drill helps you prevent your hips and legs from sinking while doing the freestyle stroke. It teaches you how to stay in balance in the water while you are in a prone position.
  • Get yourself into a prone position. You should be flat in the water, your face should be facing downward and your body should be in line with the trunk.
  • Extend and relax your arms along the sides of the body.
  • Start off with a gentle flutter kick.
  • If you feel that your hips and legs have the tendency to sink, increase a downward pressure to your chest and head. But avoid pressing down too much. You still need to maintain the horizontal position of your body.
  • You should notice that your hips and legs will be pushed upward.
  • If you need to breathe, just gently extend your chin forward until your mouth is above the water.
  • When inhaling, you will notice that your hips and legs tend to sink. You may press your buoy to help you bring your body back into balance.
  • Also, press your head and chest down to help raise your hips and legs in the water.
If you feel like your kick is weak, you can try using swimming fins to help you out. But remember to make up for sinking legs and hips by pressing your buoy instead of kicking harder while using fins. Also,avoid overdoing the drill because the breathing process can strain your neck.

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