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Here you can find our opinions on swimming. From training help, swimmer performance and other info that might interest you. If you would like information on a specific topic just let us know and we will find out what ever we can for you.

Blogs so far :

Eliminating the S Pull

How to Be A Great Swim Parent

The quick and the dead…. (improving reaction times)

So, You Think You Can’t Swim? Guess Again!

Do you know how to get better turns?

From seven years old to Olympic glory. What drives Katie Ledecky

Your body can handle it. Well maybe not….. (Over training)

Is Open Water Swimming a Good Alternative to the Pool?

How to build a Workout when You Don’t Have a Coach


Do you know how to condition your mind & body ?


The 50 Freestyle; Optimal Starts and Breathing


Are swim coaches allowed to be nice?


What awesome Life Lessons can you get from Swimming!

Do you know what the 5th stroke is?

You need to Journal Your Way To Success

Why you Should do Strength training in the Off season.

6 awesome reasons why you need to do backstroke.

Swimming through life. Part 1

How to Make Breaststroke Your Best Stroke

Can Two Weeks Off Swimming be Good or Bad?

Should Olympic Swimmers Speak out?

5 Tips to get your baby Swimming

Why you should practice bilateral breathing.

Kelsi Worrell – Watch out world!

5 Tips to be great swim parents!

Is indoor swimming a health hazard?

The female body image & swimming.

Taper tips: Swimming through the Struggle


School Swimming makes great swim sense.

Great tips for your swimming stroke.

USA Swimmer to Know: Leah Smith


Swim Smart not hard – be a lazy swimmer

Life after swimming, what happens when alarm doesn’t go off at 5am anymore?


Should you question your coach

7 Great Rules for Parents to Live 

What is “cupping” & is there an advantage for swimming?

Training After an Injury: How to Prevent More Injuries

The Difference Between Coaching and Training

Gold is in the details.  Why correct technique is so important

Personalizing a taper to suit you

How to keep older kids interested in swimming

Transfer speed improvements in the pool to OWS

Gold is in the details. Why correct technique is so important

Great swimming gear you need to have.

Drugs, China and Russia. Is swimming on a downward drug spiral?

Say what you like, but not about the Chinese.

Are the Chinese at it again?

Race Plan. Do you have one??

Which comes first? Technique or speed.

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