Great swimming gear you need to have.

The Basic Swimming Gear a Swimmer Should Have

Kickboards, pull buoys, snorkels, fins, ankle straps, stretch cords – what gear should you really need to take to the pool? Most times, taking a pair of goggles, swimwear and towel should be enough. But if you are serious about swimming, you may need to invest in some other stuff to; however, if you want to swim professionally, you may need to undergo extensive training. This means doing freestyle swimming with no kickboards, bilateral breathing, tumble turns for every lap, 5 x 200-metre laps, only 20 seconds of rest and training everyday as well as the struggles that come with early morning and long laps.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro swimmer with club, state or national swimming records, you may be able to find some helpful tips in selecting your gear here.

Choosing the Perfect Pair of Swimming Goggles

There are hundreds of different types of goggles on the market. And because we all have different preferences when it comes to style, giving advice on the type of swimming goggles can be quite challenging. But the best advice would have to be “try before you buy”.

If you purchased your pair from the local store, you can ask for their policies about returning purchased products if in case the goggles do not suit or fit you or if they feel uncomfortable. Keep in mind that you could be wearing them for up to an hour or two. The goggles should not be so tight that your eyelashes touch the lenses. But they shouldn’t be so loose that it slips off of your face. Your pair should feel firm and watertight. I will provide in-depth details about goggles when I provide reviews.


Head Start your Routine with a Kickboard

You might already be able to do 200 metres to 600 metres swimming warm-up. Now, your program could say 8 x 50-metre freestyle kick. So, you might need a kickboard to help you. But what type of kickboard do you need?

Finis Axis
Finis Axis pullbouy
Speedo kick bouy
Speedo kick bouy
Zoggs kick bouy
Zoggs kick bouy

In case youre not sure, a kickboard is a floating board swimmers hold out in front of them as they kick. Just like selecting goggles, there are tons of kickboards in the local market. Some kickboards have wholes you can grab onto while others can be quite light and flimsy. Others can double up as a pull buoy.

First things first, invest in a kickboard that will work great as your basic training aid. A practical option would be purchasing a kickboard that would double as a pull buoy. There are different types and brands of kickboards on the market ranging from the standard figure eight design to the new Finis Axis units.

For your first few weeks, these two swimming training aids are pretty much all you need. Remember why you are swimming in the first place. Whether it is to train to become a pro or to relax, make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew or else you might lose your motivation.

Stay tuned for other tips on purchasing swimming gears and other product reviews.

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