Who are we? We are a group of coach’s and ex-swimmers that are passionate about swimming and coaching. We love what we do and we want to share our knowledge with not just the swimming community but the world.


Kristen Bentley loves to write about sports. She was a competitive distance swimmer in high school and now enjoys leisurely laps in her backyard pool. She’s a high school English teacher, avid traveller, and lover of baseball.

Sarah MAcDonald:

Sarah has been a coach for over 13 years and written for online magazines such as “SportsEh”. Sarah has degree in English literature and is currently working on her Masters in Coaching Studies. Sarah’s research currently is focusing on increasing youth sport performance through an application that provides mental skills training and attentional control exercises.

Mike Murray:

Coach Mike graduated from St. Lawrence University in 2005 with a degree in English and minor in Education. Coach Mike is a Certified Pool Operator, American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor, USA Swimming Coach Member & American Swim Coaches Association Level 4 Certified Coach, which places him in the top 8% of all American Swimming Coaches. Mike has coached every level of swimming; from the lesson program through Masters and is a Private Instructor.  Coach Mike has also been featured in Swimming World Magazine’s “Morning Swim Show,” with host Jeff Commings and his work on test set’s and training have been featured in several swimming publications nationally, including the American Swim Coaches Association Newsletter and Swimming World’s “Technique” Edition.


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