Breaststroke Swimming Drills

Learn and Improve Breaststroke Swimming Drills

Breaststroke swimming involves the chest and the torso. The torso does not rotate in the movements. It is a popular recreational style because the swimmer’s head is above the water most of the time and is comfortable even at slow speed swimming. It is also one of the four official styles in competitive swimming.

Breaststroke Drills

Image credit: Speedo

Here are some breaststroke swimming drills you can try to improve your breaststroke swimming skills.

Breaststroke Swimming Drills – Breaststroke Under the Ropes

Breaststroke Drills – 1 Arm Stroke, Multiple Kicks

Breaststroke Drills –1 Kick, Multiple Arm Strokes

Breaststroke Drills – 1 On Top, 1 Under

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