Stone Skipper Butterfly Drill

Stone Skipper Butterfly Drill

The Stone Skipper Butterfly Drill allows you to practice the underwater arm sweep and correct breathing timing. The drill may actually be a combination of the hand-lead body dolphins and head lead body dolphins plus the underwater arm sweeps.

  • Push yourself off from the wall and position yourself horizontally with your face down.
  • Extend your arms forward and a shoulder width apart from each other.
  • Perform two hand-lead body dolphins.
  • Let go of the pressure on your chest and sweep your arms backward with your chest rise.
  • Your hands should be able draw a keyhole shape in the water as your hands move forward while performing the sweep.
  • Move your hands first in a backward motion, then outward again at the end of the sweep. The hands should be at the hips by the end of the sweep.
  • Perform two head-lead body dolphins.
  • When performing the second body dolphin, sneak your arms forward to its initial position. To land at that position, sweep your hands forward following an imaginary line that runs below the middle of your body.
  • Pause to breathe after a few cycles of the drill.

Add breathing when you are now able to perform the movements.You don’t need to hold your breath in the process. You can exhale underwater. You can also use a snorkel at first to perform the drill without getting distracted as you breathe. You may also use swimming fins to help you.

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