Freestyle Drill – Head-Lead Supine Balance Drill

Freestyle Head-Lead Supine Balance Drill

The Head-Lead Supine Balance drill will teach you the importance of balance. Balance is crucial in swimming to enable a swimmer to be relaxed and maintain horizontal position in the water while doing the freestyle stroke. Plus, it also minimizes any issues regarding breathing. It also teaches balance while floating on the sides or chest.
  • Lie flat in the water with your body and head facing upwards.
  • Contract your abs slightly to maintain a straight back throughout the exercise.
  • Make sure to keep your head in line with your trunk and tuck your chin in slightly.
  • Maintain relaxed and extended arms at your sides.
  • Move forward with gentle flutter kicks.
  • By increasing the downward pressure on your shoulder blades and the back of your head, you can help raise your hips and legs.
Avoid kicking harder to compensate for sinking hips and legs. You can make use of swimming fins if you believe that your kicks are not propulsive enough and get rid of them when you have improved your balance and kicking technique. You may need a nose clip as well if you fear water will get into your nose.
Also, a second opinion from a friend can help check for any posture concerns or other mistakes that may affect the drill’s efficiency.

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